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"I feel I’m that already with my music, and with what I’ve done with my music because it breaks all barriers. I don’t have to make a political statement. I do all of that with music. It breaks all language barriers… To all races of people. It goes all over the world."

Alice, architecture and interior design student, 18, from Brazil.

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Anônimo : I don't hate MJ but I do find it odd that a grown man would ask childerns parents if they could sleep over at his house. Which MJ has admitted to asking. I personally would not let my little son sleep over at a grown mans house with a grown man. o.O a tad bit odd. But no one can deny Micheal was beyond talented. But I will say I don't think him or his family is mentally right. They are all off. You can tell terrible abuse and things have occurred to them all.




i don’t remember anything that michael said that he asked children’s parents or whatnot. he said that it’s the children who wants to sleep beside him in his bedroom and i just wanna tell you that he sleeps on the floor and the kids are on his bed, and yes i believe him.

why would that be so odd? michael loves children more than ever, and i can tell you that i love kids so much just like him, how come nobody point out that i was so odd? that’s what’s wrong with this society, when it comes to michael jackson everything which is normal suddenly became “odd”.

and lastly, do you think i would idolize or i would look up to someone who is a pedophile? i don’t think so. i love michael jackson since i was a little kid and YES I BELIEVE AND TRUST HIM! period.

I’m sorry for adding to someone else’s ask (I hate doing this but I just can’t keep quiet about this), but I believe everything that Michael has said in regards to him and children. I have been helping my grandmother babysit and take care of other people’s children since I was a child myself and I can vouch for the fact that children WILL climb in bed with you. Kids have followed me all around the house EVEN TO THE BATHROOM (of course I make them go back in the living room until I’m done but they do try to follow you). Kids have climbed onto the bed with me or my MALE cousin and sat beside him or fell asleep on his chest. Babies and small children do things like that. It’s because they don’t see a bed as this secret thing that people have sex on like some adults do. A bed is where you go to sleep. A bed is where you watch TV. I believe Michael when he says that kids would ASK to sleep in his room or would follow him to his bedroom….BECAUSE IVE EXPERIENCED IT. It’s a totally innocent thing and I hate how disgusting people have made it. It’s not that serious NOR is it unusual. And no one who genuinely loves kids would say “you can’t sleep on my bed because that’s sexual”. No one in their RIGHT MIND thinks like that. It’s just a bed. It’s where I sleep. Do you want to sleep too? Okay let’s go to sleep. Or watch cartoons. That’s how you handle kids. That’s how he handled kids. And I believe every single word of his testimony. And there was proof that he was innocent. They found NO evidence against him. So please anon, know that this, along with all of the other rumors about Michael are LIES FROM THE PIT OF HELL.


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I’ll never get over the way he … touches… jesus christ

I would melt in his arms *-*

He likes the girl in plaid. Ballroom dancing and stroking her hair. ADORABLE

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MJ in casual clothes -> Off The Wall era

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